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About Farmer's Friends

Spreading the Ugandan coffee with Love

Farmer's Friends is a non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to support women in the coffee production in rural areas of Uganda.

Our Goals &

Our Objectives

  • Local farmers

    We believe that our fair trade cooperation with local farmers in Uganda will bring you coffee that tastes incredible. The main goal of Farmer’s Friends is to empower women in the coffee production in Uganda.

  • Current struggles

    Women doing over 70% of all labour needed in this production, but in the same time have way less benefits compared to men. Women in Uganda have the smallest benefit share at all stages in the process.

  • Women in the system

    Women play a central role in the production of coffee in the country, not only at the initial level of planting and harvesting, but also within the value chain process.

  • Changes are coming

    We believe that Farmer’s Friends is able to change this and teach women and their children how to sustain themselves within the coffee production in Uganda.

Uganda. The birth place of robusta coffee

NUR (Natural Ugandan robusta) is of the Robusta coffee variety, which is the most common in supermarkets and coffee shops. Robusta contains more caffeine than other varieties which gives it a more bitter flavour.

DRUGAR (Dried Ugandan arabica) is of the Arabica coffee variety, which is thought to be one of the best types of coffee in the world. The beans retain their zitrus flavour due to the production methods used.

WUGAR (Organic Washed Ugandan Arabica) is of the Arabica coffee variety. The beans are washed which gives it a milder zitrus flavour. The coffee goes down smoothly and milk and sugar are not necessary to enjoy this quality coffee.

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